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Requisition ID:  38761
Department:  Legal (China)

Shanghai, CN

Job Function:  Corporate Counsel

起草、预审和修改各类法律文书 Draft, review and revise various legal documents;

对业务部门提出的法律问题提供法律意见 Provide legal advice on legal issues raised by business departments;

公司股东决议、董事会决议相关文件起草 Draft shareholder resolution, Board resolution and relevant documents;

公司变更登记或备案相关手续办理 Deal with administrative procedures of registration or filing of company change items;

公司证照管理 Company license management;

公司合同起草、审核,日常管理及存档 Draft, review, daily management and archiving of contracts;

法律法规更新 Update laws and regulations;

合规相关业务 Legal compliance related issue;

其它由上级交办的工作 Other work assigned by the superior.