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Title:  Process Engineer 1

Company:  Renesas Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Country/Region:  CN
State:  JIANG SU
Department:  Engineering Department1
Business Unit:  Production and Technology Unit
Office:  Suzhou
Job Function:  Operation
Job Type:  Permanent

Specific requirements:

1. Junior college or undergraduates, and graduate in engineering.

2. Good communication and coordination skills, integrity, strong sense of responsibility, and positive work attitude;

3. Working experience in Japanese enterprises and Japanese is preferred;

4. Be good at data analyzing, summarizing, and find problems and improvement points;

5. Skillfully operate microsoft office software;

6. Be able to obey and cooperate with the work arrangement of department leaders; and have team spirit;

7. Experience in semiconductor assembly process or plating equipment maintenance is preferred


Job description:

1. Maintenance and improvement of semiconductor back channel packaging process and yield improvement

2. Trouble shooting and quality improvement

3. Analyze daily problems, communicate with others, implement improvement measures together, confirm the effect, and timely summarize and report