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Title:  IT Systems Development and Operation Senior Manager (Back End Process)

Requisition ID:  36127
Department:  B/E Manufacturing System Technology Department

Koto-ku (Tokyo), JP

Job Function:  Information Technology

Renesas is a leading semicondutor company providing comprehensive hardware and software solutions for cutting edge technology such as autonomous driving, robots, factory automation and smart homes. We employ about 20,000 people worldwide and boost sales of more than 700 billion yen in FY2020. We are a major supplier to electronics manufacturers around the world.


In 2017, we acquired Intersil, a major Analog semiconductor American company and in 2019, we acquired Integrated Device Technology  which specializes in mixed signal and analog products. We have entered a growth phase and aim at having continous growth in the semiconductor market.


Currently, we are promoting a project to reconstruct the production system from the perspective of overall optimization across factories and areas for the production area system that has been individually optimized for each base and area. All overseas / domestic factories are participating in this project, and we are looking for Manager class resources who can further strengthen project management and propose global optimization from a bird's-eye view of the entire production system. 


【Job responsibilities】

・ Strategic planning and overall optimization of Renesas production IT systems
・ IT project promotion and management of overseas / domestic production factories
・ Comprehensive management of the entire overseas / domestic IT system
・ Collaboration and coordination with related departments within the company and IT Vender 


【Required Skills and Work Experience】


・ Experience in managing production systems
・ Experience in project management related to system development / integration and standardization
・ English: Can have business conversations
・ Japanese: Can have business conversations
・ Adjustment ability
・ Decision-making ability
・ Presentation skills 



・ Work experience in the development, introduction, and operation of production control systems and production control systems in semiconductor manufacturing plants
・ Work experience in developing, introducing, and operating ERP systems in semiconductor manufacturing plants
・ Work experience in development, introduction, and operation related to IT infrastructure and security 


【Required Language Skills】

English: Daily conversation level (TOEIC score around 600)

Japanese:Business level