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Title:  A-314 Global Planning, Development and Sales of tariff payment solution for EMS

Company:  Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd.
Country:  JP
State:  Tokyo
City:  Kodaira-shi
Department:  EMS Solution Department
Business Unit:  Industrial Solution Business Unit
Office:  REL(Musashi)
Job Function:  Hardware (Digital)
Job Type:  Permanent


Starting from some the following and take all in the suture.

  • Plan and develop tarif payment solution specialized in EMS Segment based on block chain technology and MCU technology by Renesas
  • Plan, coordinate and develop solutions with 3rd parties in Japan, Europe, Americas, India, and ASEAN.
  • Promote those solutions to the customers in Japan, Europe, Americas, India, and ASEAN.


【Background of Recruitment】

EMS (Energy Management System) business includes transmission, distribution, retail (metering) system, renewable energy (PV wind power, and battery) system and EV chargering system. Our market is the entire world, as electricity distibution is a global common issue to be solved. We are also in charge of gas and water meters and thier distribution system, and other industrial flow sensing systems.

Recent global warming requires global optimization and reduction of power usage. And it also requires renewable energy source whichi does not emit CO2 and its effective and safe deployment. Renewable energy source like PV and wind firm are relatively small and distributed over distribution network. Hence new tariff payment system is required.It is also required for the adjustment between communities with self-generated self consumed energy system. Our mission for this challenge could be block chain on Renesas' high performace MCU with its application S/W with collaboration among related enterprises as well as governments. Necessity for this system might be more important for emerging countries where energy infrastructure is still in development stage rather than for advanced industrial countries with established bulky generation systems.

We wolud like you to join our team to develop tariff payment solution for EMS with global team in global market.


Required Skills and Work Experience


  • Basic knowledges of block chain technology
  • Ability for solution planning and system proposal for customers
  • Experience of working in team (real or virtual)



  • Expertise in meter system (electricity, gas and water) , transmission/distribution system, renewable energy and EV chargering system
  • Basic knowledges of MCU development and MCU Application development


【Required Language Skills】

  [English] Daily conversation level  (TOEIC around 600)

  [Japanese] Business level


【Location (Country, city)】

  Musashi site, Tokyo Japan

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