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Title:  CPU subsystem development for Arm MCU

Requisition ID:  33486
Department:  Device Architecture and Sub-system Development Dep

小平市, JP

Job Function:  Hardware (Digital)

Background of Recruitment:

Various new MCU products have been required toward the emarging markets such as IoT, then the number of requirements for development of corresponding CPU subsystems tends to increase. On the other hand,  CPU subsystem requires certain design expertise, having the fundamental knowledge of a CPU, its peripherals and the structure of the whole product, so that strengthening of development capability are urgent issues.



 - Development of CPU subsystem, which is one of principal elements of MCU. 
 - Design of primary bus integrated with CPU and memory and CPU peripheral circuits such as a interurt controler and a debugger function.   
 - From specification design to logic circuit design and verification.
 - Adopting new technology of design methods and architecture.
 - Developing design platform for realizing new products with high performance and low power toward emerging markets such as IoT. 


Required Skills and Work Experience:


  - Positive attitude and independence for everything.
  - Basic knowledge of MCU/CPU built-in SOC produc specification, CPU architecrure and CPU peripherarls such as memory system/interupt/DMA/etc.
  - Experience of the logic circuit design and the functional verification for LSI  or IP development.


  - Knowledge of basic CPU specifications,  bus protocols and CPU periperals  for Arm.
 - Experience of logic synthesis, non-functional verification or timing verification.
  - Understanding not only logic circuit design but also backend design such as DFT and  layout in a certain level, and communication skill with designers in those fields. 
 - Experience of the leader of a design team and/or outsourcing to overseas/domestic companies.