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Title:  A-294 Development of MCU solution with high-precision analog AFE

Company:  Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd.
Country:  JP
State:  Tokyo
City:  Kodaira-shi
Department:  Industrial Drive Solution Department
Business Unit:  Industrial Solution Business Unit
Office:  REL(Musashi)
Job Function:  Hardware(Analog)
Job Type:  Permanent

Highly-precise process management has become more important than ever in industrial production system (factory automation, process automation etc.), due to smart phone era etc., higher-precise case working, higher refined process precision and  management in food/pharmaceuticals, especially sensing and control of temperature, pressure and flow etc.,  which make the core of process management. The above sensing information is also applied for robotized/automated production and management to reduce human power on site, which will largely increase demands for high-precision sensing devices. We think that many sensing parts, higher-precision, smaller-devices and distributed processing will become the key in the future.

Renesas has already gained a high share in the above industry, and now we need to enhance our MCU with advanced AFE technology in order to meet the future customer demands. We are looking for new members who are willing to lead /challenge in order to establish hardware, MCU / software(solution) as well as support system.



Job related to product launch of MCU with high-precision AFE (analog front end) demanded for high-precision sensor application in the industrial sensor area, especially based around analog technology as follows;

  • Planning: Formulating a product plan, AFE technology roadmap, business strategy etc. by cooperating with global marketing members
  • Product development: AFE part development, MCU integrated technology development, product development by cooperating related internal IP development divisions
  • Solution development based around S/W: Development and planning of reference kit, application S/W, development tools for customers
  • Customer support: Customer support on development products, backup for global support system, internal education


【Required Skills and Work Experience】 


Either of the following skill/experience

  • Planning and development of industrial sensor devices*1, experience of FAE or AE
  • Planning and development of analog products (especially data and converter), experience of FAE or AE

        *1  temperature controller, pressure, pressure gage, flow meter, recorder, torque sensor,  temperature /pressure transmitter etc.



  • Expertise in MCU (hardware and software)
  • Basic knowledges of software (compiler, MW) and IDE
  • Ability for solution planning and system proposal for customers
  • Knowledges of applications using applications for specific industry 
  • Expertise in analog process technology


【Required Language Skills】

  [English] Daily conversation level  (TOEIC around 600)

  [Japanese] Business level


【Location (Country, city)】

  Musashi site

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