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Title:  Technical Semiconductor Development Engineer:OPC technology development

Company:  Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd.
Country:  JP
State:  Tokyo
City:  Kodaira-city
Department:  Mask & EDA Infrastructure Control Department
Business Unit:  Broad-based Solution Business Unit
Office:  REL(Musashi)
Job Function:  Production and Technology
Job Type:  Permanent


In order to form a pattern below the light source wavelength of the exposure tool, not only the technology development and improvement on the wafer process but also the optimization of design rule and mask pattern correction including OPC are required.
Although mask pattern correction including OPC is a precedent technology for SoC and MCU, it is also becoming necessary for analog and power devices that are advancing in refinement, and expansion of target devices is expected.
Since the vacanct position occurred in the OPC technology development engineer this time, we decided to recruit experienced person from outside the company.



Making full use the mask EDA tools, develop mask pattern correction technology such as OPC, and incorporate it into the mask data processing flow.

  • OPC technology development
  • Improvement of mask data processing flow including OPC technology development and its implementation.
  • Strategy formulation and execution of future mask EDA tool.


Required Skills and Work Experience


  • Over 5 years experience in OPC technology development using OPC tools (especially model-based OPC technology development)
  • Communication skills with related department engineers and  tool vendors.
  • A person who can positively address the challenges they face.


  • The experience of Lithography verification technology development.
  • The Knowledge of lithography technology.


Required Language Skills


  • Daily conversation for English (TOEIC  SCORE:500)


  •  Business conversation

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