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Title:  Bus system design for Arm MCU

Company:  Renesas Electronics Corporation
Country/Region:  JP
State:  Tokyo
City:  Kodaira-city
Department:  IoT Device Platform Development Department
Business Unit:  IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit
Office:  REL(Musashi)
Job Function:  Hardware (Digital)
Job Type:  Permanent

 - Development of a bus system, which is one of principal elements of MCU.
 - Design of primary bus integrated with CPU and Flash memory and of CPU peripheral circuits such as a interurt controler and a debugger function.  
 - From specification design to logic circuit design and verification.
 - Adopting new technology of design methods and architecture.
 - Developing new products with high performance and low power toward emerging markets such as IoT.


Required Skills and Work Experience:


  - Positive attitude and independence for everything.
  - Basic knowledge of MCU/CPU built-in SOC produc specification, CPU architecrure and CPU peripherarls such as memory system/interupt/DMA/etc.
  - Experience of the logic circuit design and the functional verification for LSI  or IP development.


  - Knowledge of basic CPU specifications,  bus protocols and CPU periperals  for Arm.
  - Experience of logic synthesis, non-functional verification or timing verification.
  - Understanding not only logic circuit design but also backend design such as DFT and  layout in a certain level, and communication skill with designers in those fields.
  - Experience of the leader of a design team and/or outsourcing to overseas/domestic companies.


Required Language Skills:
[English]Able to communicate well
[Japanese]Business level