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Title:  Sr Staff Marketing Specialist

Requisition ID:  52631
Department:  Connectivity solution Department

Jasola, New Delhi, IN

Job Function:  Marketing

Job Description:

Sub-GHz and PLC devices are being adopted worldwide for Smart Metering system and IoTcommunication devices. In India, Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN solutions are currently being investigated for the next generation of smart meters.

In addition, our division IACS are considering preparing new product and solution to expand business with non-metering applications



In charge of business development and marketing for Sub-GHz LSI and Power Line Communication Solutions (RL78/G1H, RAA604S00, CWX-M, CPX)


1. India customer support :

- Primary window person between customer and Renesas

- Technical support for customers

- Proceed with troubleshooting to identify and solve the problem in cooperation with REL


2. Marketing and sales promotion :

- Find out potential customers for new market development

- Aggressive D-in activities to grow connectivity solution business

- Execute sales strategy plan and progress management

- Making a businss of D-in projects


3. Collaborate with IDH to provide more effective technical support :

- Find out IDH to expand our solutions

- Smooth technical transfer to IDH partners


4. Collaborate with RESG in Din activities in ASEAN :

- Technical support for ASEAN customers and RESG

- Handle Q&A together with RESG


Required Skills and Work Experience

Knowledge of Wireless communication and Power Line communication.

Knowledge of MCU/MPU that handles communnication protocols.

Communication and support skills with customers and internal team members