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Title:  Software development leader of Motor driver(Optical Image Stabilizer)

Requisition ID:  38165
Department:  Optical Design Department

Japan, JP

Job Function:  Applications Engineer

ジョブタイプ:  [[正社員]]   

在宅勤務可否: [[はい]] 


当社では世界25カ国の製造・開発・販売拠点において20,000人以上の従業員が働いています。グローバルチームとして、すべての従業員が、行動指針である「Renesas Culture」をもとに、互いに学習、協力、成長、目標に向けて前進しながら、日々さまざまな課題解決に取り組んでいます。




Background of Recruitment:

In the smartphone makers such as North America, Korea, China, the models who adopted Optical image stabilizer increase rapidly. The software solution spreads to market expansion, too. For business expansion, software engineers are short and would like to strengthen it.



- Software development in Optical Image Stabilizer motor
- Software development in digital filter processing and analog signal processing of the motor control.
- Software process management and process improvement by PDCA.


Required Skills and Work Experience:


- Software development, design and leader experience
- Experience of the programming language (C language, assembler language)
- Experience of embedded macro computer
- Development experience of a software development process including CMMI


- Digital filter design experience
- Analog signal processing experience
- Motor control experience
- Communication skill in English, Japanese both sides