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Title:  EDA development engineer for analog and power products

Requisition ID:  38183
Department:  Design Automation Department

Japan, JP Japan, JP

Job Function:  Hardware Engineering

ジョブタイプ:  [[正社員]]   

在宅勤務可否: [[はい]] 


当社では世界25カ国の製造・開発・販売拠点において20,000人以上の従業員が働いています。グローバルチームとして、すべての従業員が、行動指針である「Renesas Culture」をもとに、互いに学習、協力、成長、目標に向けて前進しながら、日々さまざまな課題解決に取り組んでいます。




Background of Recruitment:

With the spread of electric vehicles and clean energy, the market for power devices is expanding and demand is increasing.
The demands on power devices are becoming more sophisticated and diverse, and it is necessary to design and verify high-performance power devices in a short period of time.
In order to develop and utilize these technologies, human resources with skills and knowledge related to power device design and  verification are required.



Development of design and verification environment for power device and module.
- Construction the design and verification environment for power device
- Development of simulation technology for power devices such as switching operation
- Development of SI(Signal Integrity), PI(Power integrity), EMI(Electromagnetic Interference) analysis technology to comprehend the noise generated by device
- Clarify the cause of defects in the customer by simulation and consider countermeasures


Required Skills and Work Experience:


- Practical experience in design or EDA development of electrical, analog or digital circuits
- Experience and skills of using circuit simulation, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) or physical verification tools
   (HSPICE, Spectre, Virtuoso, Calibre, QRC, StarRC and others)


- Basic knowledge about programming (Perl, Python, C, C++ and others)
- Basic knowledge about EMC(Electromagnetic compatibility), heat and stress