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Title:  Engineer

Requisition ID:  51587
Department:  Backend Design Division

Ho Chi Minh, VN

Job Function:  Hardware Engineering

Logic Design

  • Involve in some or all aspects of digital integrated circuit design from initial concept through to design and verification of Chip (SoC/ASIC), IP/Peripheral and CPU core by hardware description language (Verilog HDL) or High-Level language (C/C++)
  • Evaluate and test prototype on FPGA or Functional Evaluate of actual Chip
  • Initially mentored by a senior engineer, your role will be to understand and simulate existing circuits, making design changes as requested and/or participation in test and evaluation of completed designs.

II. Physical Design/ DFT

  • Physical Design: physical synthesis, place & route, timing closure and timing/physical verification for IP, CPU and Chip design.
  • DFT: Design for testability (Memory/Logic BIST, SCAN, Boundary Scan) insertion, verification and test pattern generation for IP, CPU and Chip design
  • Join training program to master EDA tools before actual job
  • Initially mentored by a senior engineer in actual job

Job requirement

  • Fresh university graduates with major in Electronics, Telecommunications, Mechatronics, Automation, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics – Computer Science, Physics – Electronics, and Physics – Computer Science
  • Good at English in both writing and speaking skills, distinguished competence, consistent in pursuing of excellence, professional behavior, and good relationships with others and society.
  • Have strong passion in technical field, especially in chip design.
  • Have logical thinking and explanation; be serious and mature in working attitude
  • Long term working commitment (at least two years after completion of the training program) with company is a MUST