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Title:  Test engineer for LSI(Analog)

Department:  Automotive Application Specific Standard Product a

小平市, JP

Job Function:  Hardware(Analog)

[Background of Recruitment]

In trend of electricalization and electronization for automotive applications represented by HEV and EV, number of ECU and semiconductor devices as its component in a car is rapidly increasing year by year. In addition to MCU that owns big w/w share, we are going to consolidate automotive semiconductor business by increasing share in automotive analog or mixed signal devices. Testing for those analog devices like other design & development technology of analog components, needs more manual design than digital devices, too. Engineering resource who owns expertise and skill directly linked to competitiveness and quality of product is truly needed to lead test development as key for sucess in growing automotive analog business. 



Test work, i.e. definition of test spec., test program coding and debugging, test development for production and test time reduction, as key for cost competitiveness and quality assuarance in automotive analog devices that requires high quality and robustness in harsh environment.  
 1. Develop test specification based on product specification requirement and design for testability from early development phase
 2. Build screening concept for assumed fault model and verify test coverage  
 3. Estimate and review test cost
 4. Design test equipment and sepcify requirement for it
 5. Test programming and debugging, optimization of test program including test time adjustment
 6. Evaluate increased number sample and failure analysis of automotive analog devices by utilizing ATE and test program


[Required Skills and Work Experience]


 ・Experience in analogue circuit design, knowledge of analogue product testers.


More than one of the following skills· Leading experience of project and design for development of semiconductor products
 · Knowledge of DFT(Design For Test)
 · Experience of failure analysis


[Required Language Skills]

[English]be able to understand spoken English TOEIC score around 500

[Japanese]business level