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Title:  Engineer for IPD development: Integligent Power Device

Department:  Automotive Analog Business Management and LMT Depa

小平市, JP

Job Function:  Hardware(Analog)

[Background of Recruitment]

In the automobile industry, there is a megatrend of architectural reform by manufacturers toward the realization of CASE requirement. Above all, in the E/E architecture, the data network and power network will evolve while infecting the ECU hierarchy and domainization progress. In addition, for increasing safety, redundancy will be enhanced at the same time, but the requirement for precise power control and current cutoff in order to minimize wire harnesses is increasing. In order to respond to the sophistication of the system, replacement of mechanical relay with IPD (Intelligent Power Device) has begun in the vehicle. An urgent matter is to expand the development of high-performance IPDs for this megatrend.  We need analog engineers who have experience in driver control (voltage and current control), development of multi-power supply analog ICs and can propose high-precision control technology (especially current control) and prevention of multi-power supply troubles. 



Product lead in planning and development of IPD (Intelligent Power Device) in atuomotive applications with further integration required in novel E/E (Electric/Electronic) architecture in context of world wide carbon neutralization in automotive industry and also as our copporate strategy to  focus on analog and power product portfolio.

 1. Engineering work for product delvelopment from product plannning until start of production for next generation IPD with integration of low Rdson driver, highly integrated diagnosis and serial commuication interface, i.e. spec. definition, circuit and layout design, simulation of circuitry and device, sample characterization, test design.
 2. Negotiations with customers and inhouse departments
 3. Management of resource and schedule 

[Required Skills and Work Experience]


 ・ Experience of power device and analog products development, longer than 3 years.
 ・ Basic knowledge for power device and analog circuitry
 ・ Communication skill with customers, in-house departments and out sourcing desin house


More than one of the following skills

 · Experience in design of analog products in automotive applications
 · Desgin experience in driver control system or circuitry
 · Knowledge of functional safety (ISO 26262)
 · Experience in design for coding functional description, Analog/Digital mix circutiry or system or  system architect
 · Design experience of electromechanical system by behavior modeling with programing language i.e. MATLAB, MAST or Verilog-AMS for Saber simulator.


[Required Language Skills]

[English]daily conversation level  TOEIC score around 500

[Japanese]business level