Renesas needs you!

Due to the dramatic evolution of technology, the former science fiction world such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence is just becoming a reality. Semiconductors developed by Renesas are indispensable to the creation of its exciting future, and in particular, we are proud to the world’s top class share in the field of microcomputers which play the brains of electronic equipment.

The three semiconductor businesses of Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, NEC Corporation were merged in 2010 to become Renesas Electonics, but the company's progress has never been sailing so smoothly. We experienced such a severe era when our main factory, Naka, was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in the spring of 2011. However, after the subsequent large-scale structural reforms, we are now in the growth phase towards winning the World Cup in the global semiconductor market. In February 2017, Intersil, a leading analog semiconductor company in Silicon Valley, joined us as a member of Renesas, and we accelerated the speed of global growth.

We are proud to be able to provide advanced semiconductor solutions, we contribute widely to society such as safety, healthcare, sustainable environment, and the realization of a smart society, and of it. In autonomous driving and IoT, the role of semiconductors is not limited to "in digital space". In the real world, we apply emergency automatic braking to avoid accidents, and we inject necessary medicines automatically to patients with diabetes. Although personal computers and smartphones may be rebooted even if there is a malfunction such as freeze, small problems could be related to human life, safety and health in autonomous driving and IoT applications. Also, in autonomous driving and IoT, hacking and capturing erroneous information have risks to human life as well. The strength of Renesas is that we have built "quality & reliability", and "security & robustness" in such automotive and industrial fields. In Renesas, many excellent and honest employees develop exciting advanced technologies and always ensure excellent quality and robustness, and have gained overwhelming trust from our customers and society.

With autonomous driving and the expansion of IoT, customers and society's expectations of Renesas' innovation are dramatically increasing both in quality and quantity. In Renesas, the key to innovation in microcomputers is to have talents with a strong intention to create a better future to join Renesas from different industries. We are now seeking the new power, professionals with such diverse knowledge, experience, and passion for the future growth of Renesas.

Actually, I myself joined Renesas in the spring of 2016 from the automobile parts and electrical machinery industry with knowledge such as global management, growth strategy planning and execution, business processes standardization and leaning, management personnel training, cross-border M&A and PMI, finance and so on. Renesas has a tremendous potential both in terms of internal talent and technology, as well as in business environments full of growth opportunities. I realize that drawing out one’s potential to the fullest is a remarkably exciting and wonderful challenge in my current business experience.

WE ARE THE ENABLER OF BIG IDEAS.   We welcome interested parties to work globally together with us.

The global semiconductor industry is very exciting. Engineers around the world compete aggressively every day and technical innovation is occurring at a speed rarely seen in history. Under such circumstances please further enhance your expertise and broaden your horizons. Let's create values that contributes to the future, BIG IDEAS together with new ideas, exceptional skills and expertise that we have never seen before. Let's grow together and open up a rich future. Here is the best stage where you can take an active part.


Renesas Electronics Corporation

Representative Director, President and CEO Kure Bunsei


  • 1979-2000:Joined the Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited
    in charge of international business such as M&A, resource development project and finance at the Japan Industrial Bank (now integrated with Mizuho Bank). Worked at the New York branch in 1986-1992
  • 2000-2003:Managing Director of Business Development Division, GE Capital Japan
  • 2003-2007:Representative Director, President and CEO, GE Fleet Service Corporation
  • 2007-2013:Representative Director, President and CEO, Calsonic Kansei Corporation
  • 2013-2015:Executive Vice President, Nidec Corporation
  • 2016-:Representative Director, President and CEO, Renesas Electronics Corporation

MPA (Master of Public Administration), Princeton University

Bachelor of Law, University of Tokyo