Who We Are: The World’s Leading Embedded Solution Provider

Renesas Electronics Corporation is a leading global semiconductor company and a premier supplier of  a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers, SoC solutions and a broad range of analog and power devices.
It is built on a strong historical foundation of technological innovation originating from Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and NEC.
In 2017, Renesas acquired Intersil to become the world’s leading embedded solution provider.
Headquartered in Japan, Renesas has subsidiaries in approximately 20 countries and 20,000+ employees worldwide.

Solution Offerings: Unleashing the Power of A Connected World

To develop a safer, healthier, greener, and smarter world, Renesas’ goal is to make every endpoint intelligent by offering our platform, development kit, and product solutions in the automotive, industrial, and broad-based markets.