Jobs in Japan

Renesas Japan is one of the core of technological innovation centers of Renesas, and attracts top engineers from all over the world. We have many companies and offices in Japan, offering various engineering and corporate roles. We are sure that you can find a fulfilling career at Renesas Japan.

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A-279 SoC video system design engineer Kodaira-shi, JP Feb 23, 2018
A-289 Technical Semiconductor Development Engineer Kodaira-city, JP Feb 22, 2018
Technical Semiconductor Development Engineer:OPC technology development Kodaira-city, JP Feb 22, 2018
Corporate Counsel
Corporate Counsel Feb 20, 2018
Koto-ku, JP Feb 20, 2018
A-249 Front-End Designer of Functional safety and Functional safety manager Kodaira-shi, JP Feb 18, 2018
B-35 Corporate Counsel
B-35 Corporate Counsel Feb 17, 2018
Koto-ku, JP Feb 17, 2018
B-39 Managing Global Public Relations and PR activities at overseas events 豊洲, JP Feb 16, 2018
A-280 Compiler development Engineer(Software Engineer) Kodaira-City, JP Feb 16, 2018
A-272 Semiconductor Device Development Engineers for automotive and industrial MCU Hitachinaka-shi, JP Feb 14, 2018
A-276 Design of bus system for IoT MCU Kodaira-shi, JP Feb 12, 2018
A-250 Front-End Designer of Generic interface ( USB PCIe SATA HDMI) Kodaira-shi, JP Feb 12, 2018
A-268 ADAS/Autonomous Driving Functional Safety Hardware Architect Kodaira-shi, JP Feb 11, 2018
A-274 Embedded software development engineer for IoT Kodaira City, JP Feb 11, 2018
A-275 Design of sysem control unit for IoT MCU Kodaira-shi, JP Feb 10, 2018
A-264 Semiconductor Process/ Advanced Semiconductor Process Engineer Hitachinaka-shi, JP Feb 7, 2018
A-281 Semiconductor (mainly MCU/logic product) test engineer 小平市, JP Feb 2, 2018
Technical Semiconductor Development Engineer Otsu-city, JP Feb 2, 2018
LD/PD application Engineer Toyosu(Koto-ku), JP Feb 2, 2018
Front-End Designer of high-performance CPU&peripheral, Security design, BootROM development(ARM Kodaira-shi, JP Jan 31, 2018
A-247 Front-End Designer of high‐performance internal bus system (ARM AXI) Kodaira-shi, JP Jan 30, 2018
A-251 Design Leader (project leader) for MCU products for Powertrain Kodaira-shi, JP Jan 29, 2018
A-258 Development engineer of consumer or industrial semiconductor design Kodaira-shi, JP Jan 29, 2018
A-273 SoC Test Development Engineer Kodaira-shi, JP Jan 27, 2018